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This recipe follows the same process used to make wine from grapes. To make your homemade wine recipe from blackberries, here is what you need.


4 lbs. of blackberries (they can be fresh or frozen)
4 1/2 cups of sugar
1 tsp. of yeast nutrient
1 tsp. of acid blend
1 tsp. of peptic enzymes
1 campden tablet
1 pkg. of wine yeast

First, make sure all your equipment is ready to use and well sterilized before you start, you don’t want any bacteria to ruin your batch.

Sterilizing your equipment

The basic method for sterilizing your winemaking equipment is shown below:

Clean all equipment

Making sure to reach all cracks and crevices, thoroughly cleaning your kit of any dirt, or leftovers from any previous recipes you have made with your kit.

Boil your equipment

Boiling your kit is the easiest way to ensure that you kill off any germs that may be lingering. Ensure you submerge all your wine making equipment in boiling water for at least a minute.


It is important to air dry your equipment, rather than using towels to dry.


Making Blackberry Wine



Step one: primary fermentation:

Crush your berries to extract the maximum amount of juice
Pour the berries in your primary fermentation bucket, then add water and sugar (at this point you can use an hydrometer to check the gravity and reach your required alcohol content).
Prepare the yeast starter and pour it in the brew, then close the bucket.
Homemade blackberry wine recipe tips: remember to stir your brew daily as the berries raise to the top.


Step two: secondary fermentation:

After a week or so, remove all the berries, and siphon the wine into your demijohns. This stage is called “racking”.
Racking will allow you to get rid of the dead yeast accumulated at the bottom of your bucket, which can alter the taste of your wine.
Fit the air locks on top of the demijohns.

Step three: bottling

When the air locks aren’t bubbling anymore (which takes at least a month, sometimes more), it is time to bottle the wine.
At this stage you can choose to add potassium sorbate to your wine. If you do so, allow your wine to settle for another three days.
Siphon the wine from the demijohns to your bottles, then cork them and ENJOY.


The Health Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberries are rich in fiber, which significantly aids the digestive system. Additionally, many studies show that fiber rich foods may help in lowering your cholesterol levels.

Blackberries also help build up your immune system, and historically the berry has an endless list of ailments it has been used to treat, from improving eyesight and bone strength, to keeping skin healthy! The antioxidants, such as phenolic acids, flavonoids and flavonols, work to protect against oxygen free molecules that contribute to many harmful diseases.

The blackberry is absolutely loaded with vitamins, take a look at the full breakdown:

Vitamin Breakdown

Vitamin C – 35%

Vitamin K – 25%

Vitamin E – 6%

Folate – 6%


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