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There’s a never-ending range of recipes that you can make at home easily, regardless of how much home brewing experience you have. Take a look at this elderberry wine recipe, which is sure to give you a true taste of the summer countryside.



What you will need:

2 – 2 ½ pounds of fresh elderberries

2 ½ – 3 pounds of sugar

1 pack of wine yeast

Wine yeast nutrient

2 campden tablets




Firstly cut your fresh elderberries from their stalks, and give them a wash. Be sure to remove any bits that the fruit has gathered during picking. This can be done easily by submerging the berries in cold water for a couple of minutes.


Next, you’ll need to crush your berries. This can be done using a regular kitchen masher, or any other clean equipment that you have available.


Take 1 campden tablet, and add it to your mixture.


Add your sugar to roughly 2 pints of boiling water, and allow this to dissolve into the water for 2 to 3 minutes.


When your sugar is cool, add the water and sugar to your elderberry crushed mixture.


Add your wine yeast and nutrient to the mix, cover your mixture and leave this to ferment for between 4 and 5 days. Be sure to stir the mixture once or twice a day.


After fermentation, strain your mixture into a clean container. Re-cover and leave for another 3 to 4 days.


Syphon the mixture (if you have the equipment) or pour carefully into a clean container, making sure to leave as much sediment and other deposit behind as you can.


Fill up your container with cooled, boiled water, up to the neck of the container. Fit a lock onto the container and leave this to ferment. This should take between 1 ½ – 2 months. Monitor the fermentation and alcohol level during this time using a hydrometer.


Rack up your wine, adding your other campden table to prevent any further fermentation. Finally syphon your wine into bottles, and it’s ready to drink!



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The Health Properties of Elderberries

Besides being extremely useful for creating delicious elderberry wine, elderberries also have lots of great health benefits.

  • Elderberries enhance the immune function by helping to boost the production of cytokines in your body.
  • They help to relieve nasal congetion
  • They have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Contain anti-cancer properties
  • Help treat some respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu virues
  • High in Vitamin A, B, C and potassium
  • Naturally help with arthritis symptoms