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Here at My Winemaking, we like to try recipes that are a little different. Check out this recipe for elderflower wine, perfect for summer parties, or just for winding down on a hot summer’s evening!




Elderflowers – Approximately 20 heads.

1 gallon of boiling water (per 20 heads of elderflower)

2 – 2 ½ pounds of sugar (per gallon of water)

2whole juiced lemons, or 2 limes – per gallon of water

Approximately 1 pack of wine yeast – depending on the size of the pack





To start, dissolve your sugar into a gallon of boiling water. Cut the flowers from the elderflower stems, and add to these to your boiling water mixture. At this stage you will want to ensure that the blossoms are pressed down underneath the liquid level, as they tend to spoil if they are exposed to air. Continue to stir this mixture twice a day, for the next 2 to 3 days.



Returning to the mixture, add your lemon or lime juice to the mixture, and stir this in very gently. At this stage, if you have a hydrometer, you can try for an alcohol content of around 11 percent, as we find this tends to be ideal.



Filter your mixture into a clean container, leaving behind any sediment in the process. Ideally, your container will have a bung or stop cock, in order to stop any bacteria from entering.



Monitor this mixture with a hydrometer over the next 3 to 4 days. A reading of ‘1.000’ on your hydrometer will indicate a medium dry, rather than a sweet wine. When the mixture is ready, filter or syphon into a clean container, add a campden tablet if you have it, re rack, and allow your wine to clear.


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